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Become a franchise partner and be part of the success story! We are offering you the opportunity to make your business dream a reality!

K Café Patisserie & Tea House is the brand’s flagship store. K Café is a breakfast and brunch place that also offers private events for large groups. The business is getting very successful and we’re ready to branch out and offer franchises! 

We’ll be offering franchises for our sister store K-OnTheGo.

As much as we would love to offer franchises of K Café, it would be almost impossible due to the huge investment it would take, in time, money, and staff members. K-OnTheGo is the sister business which requires a smaller space, no kitchen, and a simplified menu. The concept would be much easier to manage as it doesn’t require a lot of labour. The store will only be serving drinks, dessert, (and) light food. The afternoon tea service will also be provided to attract more customers. As for supplies, we will have supplies available through K Café‘s main kitchen to reduce the workload for our franchisees.


We are doing franchises to help the K brand go further, as well as help others along the way!  Women! & Men! This is your opportunity to open your profitable dream cafe(s) with the least amount of investment, unique style and high returns so you can have the lifestyle you want!


  • You are interested in owning your own cafe and working for yourself, but you don't have any experience. 
  • You want to make extra income to support yourself and the family, but it seems like too much risk at first glance. 
  • You don’t enjoy your current jobs and are ready to move forward, but you don’t know where to begin. 
  • You want to get ongoing support from a larger company that has a proven formula for success, but you don’t want to pay a monthly fee.


  • You could be your own boss and have an incredible team supporting you to ensure your success.
  • You could have a beautiful cafe to meet up with friends and family at any occasions, or for your kids to come after school. 
  • You could make an average $15-20k profit per month to support your lifestyle if you follow our guidelines.
  • You could set your own hours and have the flexibility to take breaks when needed.


We are here to build the best platform for the café franchise business!

1. Flexibility: We listen to your creativity!

At most franchises, you only are able to sell products and/or services that are stated in the contract. With K-OnTheGo, we are open minded to new ideas/products. (For example: if you are a baker and want to have your homemade pastries at the cafe/create new drink recipes/sell retail products/offer other services, etc.)

Whatever ideas you have, talk to us, we will help you analyze the pros and cons, how much labor is needed and if it is profitable to do it. As long as your product/service is aligned with your brand and your location, we will work with you!


2. Concept: Small space, big profit! 

With K-OnTheGo, you don’t need large square feet of real estate. You only need 1,000-1,300 sq ft, which lowers the cost of your lease tremendously. It’s not cramped but enough. Since our supplies don’t need to be cooked, you don’t need a kitchen. So there’s no need for all that expensive equipment. No greasy grills, no hoods, no hassles.


3. Location:  We will help you evaluate potential locations!

Finding a good location can be one of the most challenging things. Anyone can promise a location, but the real question is, will you make money from that location? You have to be able to make money from your location. Our team will help you find a location where you can make money! If this is your first time opening a business, we will back you up when dealing with the landlord to raise your chances of getting the spot.


4. Store setup: We’ll take care of design and help setup!

We want to make sure each store is unique and every store will have their own design. We’ll design the store based on your story and what fits you best! We’ll also support you with the store plan design and plan with the construction team. Our team is well aware of all the pesky permits and regulations that the city enforces and we’ll help you to save time and headaches from these in the future. 


5. Franchise fee: No profit sharing for life time!

The franchise fee is a one-time fee charged to franchisees at the beginning of the business relationship. After that, there is no ongoing royalty fee of sales. You keep what you make!


6. Sourcing & Supplies: Less work for you!

We offer a variety of items on our menu. However, our products do take lots of time and labour to make. To lower the work for our franchisees, we will provide ongoing oversight to our supply chain and product sourcing. We want you to make money with less stress!


7. Operation: Simple but effective! 

We reimagined the coffee, tea & dessert experience to meet the growing demands of Millennials + Gen Z and built our business to scale, quickly and efficiently. It is labour-friendly with 2-4 employees per shift, no experience required. With high-quality ingredients & simple self-service; customers enjoy a seamless experience while franchise owners reap higher sales and profits.


8. Ongoing support: Full support from scratch to success!

This includes advertisements, training, and equipment you need to successfully run the establishment. Our priority is to support our franchisees to make sure everyone succeeds. 

You will get lifetime owners training on recipes, quality control, cooking supplies, prepping supplies, making drinks, hiring employees, operating the business, etc. If you’re unfamiliar with setting up drink machines, ice machines, POS systems, etc, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure all your machines and systems are running perfectly!

Once your restaurant is open, we provide continuing operational support with frequent visits to your location, secret shoppers and additional training if needed. That is why franchise businesses have been proven to have higher success rates than independent businesses.


9. Brand recognition: Branded materials & marketing!

We provide branded K materials such as cups, signage, menus, marketing collateral and more. In addition, we will do marketing on our social media to announce your opening and continually invest in building the brand and reputation through highly effective social media campaigns, system wide promotional efforts and strong local store marketing programs. We will bring customers to you so you can focus on keeping customers happy and managing your business!


10. Store hours: Perfect for work/life balance!

K-OnTheGo serves coffee and afternoon tea and is a perfect option for becoming a franchise owner who values work/life balance. As a new business owner, you can’t avoid working on those long hours to be successful, but you do not need to open late like most other restaurants & bubble tea businesses.

Also, at KFam we are creating a tradition of closing the business for one month every year for cleaning/repairing the store if needed, taking a break, and traveling. We would love to have all franchisees join us on unforgettable company trips at the end of every year for a chance of networking, enjoying, learning from others, and growing together. We work hard and celebrate harder. Balance is key!


If you're determined to succeed and prepared to work hard then we can help you get started. First time entrepreneurs with or without food line experience are welcome.


Startup costs: $250k - $300k

Expenses to get your new business open and operating.

Franchise fee: $50k - $85k

Upfront fee charged by franchise companies at the beginning of the business relationship.

Liquid assets: $50k

Cash on hand to cover costs that may occur in your first year

Please note that these are only estimates. Actual costs will vary from market to market.


Predicting the profitability of a business in the future is challenging, as it can depend on various factors such as location, size, and management. However, based on our experience, opening a K-OnTheGo store typically takes between 1.5 to 2.5 years to recoup your investment, depending on its profitability.


  • Millennials who are interested in entrepreneurship and being their own boss.
  • Couples or friends who want to start a business together.
  • Family members or siblings who consider running and managing the family business.
  • Existing cafe or restaurant owners looking to expand their business by converting into a K-OnTheGo store.


    Training section will be held at K Café Patisserie & Tea House. The owner and a designated store manager are preferred to attend the training program that takes about one month. 


    Let’s Break It Down!

    Type of Expenditure



    ~ $60k - 70k

    Plumbing fixtures ~ $20k

    Electrical fixtures ~ $20k

    Tiles work, Fibreglass ~ $25k


    ~ $65k - 75k

    Decors ~ $50-60k

    Sign & Countertop ~ $15k



    Pos system, Speakers & TVs ~ $10k

    Freezers, Coolers, Oven ~$40k

    Tea machine, Steamer, Ice machine ~ $15k

    Other machines ~ $15k


    $50k - $85k

    ($2k discount for cash payment)

    One time fee

    No royalty fee

  • Recipes for all classic beverages & Training.

    Milk Teas

    Fruit Teas


    Coffee, Matcha & More

    Quick and go store. Drinks only (except our signature Egg Drinks):

  • Everything in the Basic Package + signature Egg Drinks.

    Including an Egg Cream machine (valued $10k)

    Vietnamese Egg Coffee.

    ◦ EggLatte (4 flavors)

    ◦ EggPuccino (4 flavors)

     Light dessert menu.

    More drink options with some desserts.

  • Everything in the Standard Package + High Tea 

     Tea services with finger food & petit dessert.

     Light food menu.

    More on the seat down store. 

    Other fees you need to know about:

    • 3 months rent deposit ~ $10k-15k
    • Supplies ~ $15k
    • Advertising & Promotion Budget: 

    We do not take any royalty fee. However, we do ask for a marketing & design fee which is $300 monthly (~$10/day) and goes up 5% each year. These are used to help grow the brand by working with a team to take care of social media, running ads, making contents, working with influencers, press releases, hosting brand events, etc. 




    K Café Patisserie & Tea House: @kcafeteahouse

    K OnTheGo: @konthego.kfam